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      ·適用原水濁度: ≤3000mg/L 適用原水溫度:常溫

      ·凈水出水濁度: ≤NTU 沉淀區設計表面負荷: 7~8m3/h.m2

      ·過濾區設計濾速:8~10m/h  濾池沖洗強度:14~17L/S.M2




      Integrated water purifier

      Integrated water purifier is a mixed reaction, flocculating sedimentation, filtration water as a whole, the dosing, with water, mud, recoil, sewage, and other devices running the program in its own special combination of electrical control devices automatically. As a result of process automation without the need for personnel to operate; it to avoid man-made water quality due to unstable operation, so that the treated water quality and stability. The series water purifier especially for industrial and mining towns in water purification and small water purification plant with processing equipment.

      The main technical performance parameters

      • apply to the raw water turbidity: ≤ 3000mg / L applies to the raw water temperature: room temperature

      • Water turbidity: ≤ NTU precipitation area design surface load: 7 ~ 8m3 / h. m2

      • Filter area design filtration rate: 8 ~ 10m / h filter washing strength: 14 ~ 17L / S. M2

      • rinse lasted: t = 4 ~ 6min (adjustable)

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